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Marikomerc possesses a road fleet representing the latest in refrigerated transport technology. Our vehicles are capable of reaching and maintaing a temperature to -20 C that can be tailored to suit your particular needs , from the beginning of the journey to your final destination point. 

TimoCom ID: 227763


Whether it is a local or international route, our new vehicle fleet is guaranteed to deliver on time. With real time GPS tracking equipped on each vehicle, our logistics systems in place are state of the art. Real time tracking information regarding your delivery puts you in control of your goods and logistics for your business.


Goods we Transport:

  • Dairy goods: cheese, butter, milk, cream and yoghurt. 
  • Seafood: frozen and fresh fish, all seafoods.
  • Meats: all cuts and quantities that require a temperature to be maintained as low as -20 C.
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Flowers and floral arrangements
  • All remaining goods that require refrigerated and on time delivery systems

Countries we currently transport to:


Andorra           Czech Republic        Italy            Netherlands         Portugal         Serbia

Austria             France              Luxemburg         Germany           Slovakia            Spain

Belgium           Croatia              Hungary             Poland               Slovenia           Switzerland


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